Cheaper, smaller and yet popular

Although we have cheaper prices than our competitors (big international corporations - we are the only local business in Gran Canaria hiring campervans) we  have been contacted many times for even cheaper solutions. So here it is. This year we added to our car park one smaller classical Volkswagen campervan.


What's the difference? Well, mainly it's the question of size and comfort. You don't have a toilet, shower, big living room with TV, water tank is not that big, etc. In a small place there's a bit  hassle to manage the day and night time and you can't stand strigt in campervan but if you want to get it cheap then fore sure it's for you - it's on the wheels, it drives and you can live in it.




Small but good up to 5 people!

This campervan can drive up to 5 people and up to 6 people can sleep in it. If you open the roof  3 persons (but comfortably 2) can sleep there. You are not allowed to open the roof outside the camping areas and that's the main minus compared to the bigger motorhome where you can camp wherever it's allowed to park the car.