Three types of mobile hotels in Gran Canaria and other Canary Islands + bicycles, motorboats and more!

First thing - do you want a camper as a minivan or as a caravan that you tow with a car. If you want a camper as a van then do you want it as a big all-inclusive motorhome or small campervan? From here should come your choise.


Motorhomes for rent - sleep up to 7 in comfortable beds, high rooms (you can nicely walk from kitchen to toilet or living room), basically a proper house.


Campervans for hire - if you want to get it cheap and small space and without shower/toilet it'is fine with you. Basically you just have your bedroom with you.


Caravans - when you want to leave your caravan into camping site and take the car and go for a cruise lightweight.

Technically tested

Our motorhome owners are not only a great fans of hiking, camping and all kind of activities in Gran Canaria but also all the motorhomes are required to go through techical inspection regularly in company's garage. Motorhomes are also constantly used by owners themselves so they make sure the motorhomes are all in good technical order.