Hiking from Puerto Rico to Amadores beachHiking in Barranco Hondo

Barranco Hondo is a deep cleft in N-S direction. It's a unique area in Gran Canaria that is somehow not mentioned in most places and therefore more unknown but definatelly it's one of the most beautiful hiking routes in terms of nature in the whole island. It's worth walking till the end of the channel till the waterfall (especially if it's been raining lately!). 


Location: Please, see the map @ wikiloc.com. Also check all the pictures - you HAVE TO go there if you see all the pictures! :) Check the map closer to see how to get there from motorway. It's easy to park your motorhome just to the start of the hiking route. If you want you can also stay a night there without any problems.


Hiking from Puerto Rico to Amadores beachCliff walk between Puerto Rico and Amadores beach

Beautiful nature by walking on the rocks just nect to the ocean. It's not seen from the top walking path down there at most places on the route so you can go swimming naked and feel real privacy. Sometimes some fisherman are fishing closer to the beaches or in the middle part of the route where there are stairs up to the walking path. When you are lucky you can see many crabs there and if you find long and sharp wire for example you can catch them and boil them later until they get red and have a nice dish. If you're not lucky - go to supermarket:) They are tasty and easy to prepare. By the way in Puerto Rico there's always less wind and sun is almost always shining so if it's bit colder weather in other places in Gran Canaria and you want to enjoy hot summer day then Puerto Rico is the place to go!


Location: Please, see the map. You can start from either Puerto Rico beach or from Amadores beach. There's also going a walking path at the top of the cliff if you don't want to walk back on the rocky way but it's really cool to walk down there. One of our favourite route:)


Sight seeing Las PalmasLas Palmas mule of old Russian ships

See the old Russian ships that are still standing in Las Palmas and at most of them Russian ex-soldiers still live in. If you can speak little Russian and you're lucky then you can find someone to show you around the ship.


Location: Please, see the map. You can park your motorhome at the beginning of the mule.


Adding more interesting places to walk and go here soon... Meanwhile check places to go from this website. And check our Google map where we keep adding cool places.



Las Palmas events

Events infoLas Palmas is definitely the heart of culture and events in Canary Islands. You can see a list of upcoming events in Las Palmas and nearby places here>>


From M to M

Gran Canaria street
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