Rent motorhome in Gran Canaria and also in Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Get cheaper prices and better quality!

At Motorhome Gran Canaria we don't just rent motorhomes but we are also campervan experts and great fans of camping - especially on our favourite island - Gran Canaria. We know everything about our motorhomes' engines and we are specialists in camping / equipment. Martin (CEO) has been living, camping, hiking and photographing in Gran Canaria more than 15 years and he knows every little spot in this island. We will share this all with you!

Don't stay in a hotel and don't rent a car if you can get more value and see the whole island within even smaller budget! Go to all different beaches, 24/7 party areas in south, visit great local venues in Las Palmas, take part of Thursday tapas night in Vegueta, visit the most beautiful hiking and camping routes in nature and have a luxury hotel always with you!

Contact us for...

...all hiking, camping and things to do ideas! You can also rent a bike and carry it with a bysicle rack, you can get surfing equipment with lessons from professionals and much more.


We will provide:

  • Hiking/camping routes

  • Sport activities

  • Culture / party guides

  • All equipment

After renting a motorhome...

...we know that you can have your best holiday ever!.